Fle’s Fertilizer Song

Fle’s Fertilizer Song

(From Alice in Wonderland Christmas)

Fertilizer is a thing we don’t always sees,
Though it’s used quite a lot, know yous this if yous please.
It’s a spread on the ground, all around and around,
The plants that are a needing it, by the once and the pound.


Oh, I’s loves my business when I’m mining the stuff,
I’s carts it around and then I’s bags it right up.
I’s stores it away until it’s needed, for sure,
T’bring on the plants in a glorious rapport.


I’m the luckiest, here, elf in charge of this mine,
This wonderful place, the luckiest of finds.
I’s thank my stars that I’s can be of some help,
T’bring on the plants into a wonderful health.


T’end this here ditty, hear you this boys and girls,
If yous ever come t’visit the top of the world,
Yous’ll get a right welcome and a tour of this mine,
Then return home with a new frame of mind.




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